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Smart Tags

During advisory on Wednesday, October 10, 2019, Timberline students of all grades were issued Smart Tags. These identification cards are brand new to the North Thurston Public School District this year, and have thus elicited the curiosity of many who do not seem to know their actual purpose. So, whether you use you were simply confused upon receiving your tag, you use it every day, or it has found itself at the mercy of your cluttered bedroom- here to clear things up are Timberline’s Attendance Secretary Denise Kinley and senior Hailey Boulton. Comments closed

Pumpkin Cookies

The air is crisp and chilly. Our yards are scattered with a blanket of red and orange leaves. It’s that time of year again; time to buy anything and everything pumpkin flavored. Many of us have tasted or at the very least heard of the infamous pumpkin spice latte but if you’re looking to spice up your fall diet, these soft pumpkin sugar cookies may be for you. Comments closed

Balancing School and Sleep: A Q&A

The onset of a new school year means many things for the students of Timberline, including meeting new people, catching up with friends, learning new things, and for some people, trying to navigate an incredibly overstuffed schedule. With such busy schedules, students may often overlook getting enough sleep, which can impact how they do in school, sports and jobs. Comments closed

Student Opinion on the Chromebooks

Schools have been evolving over time with new ideals, and as technology advances, schools adapt to these new inventions. Recently, the North Thurston School District has adopted a new program called 1:1 Chromebook, this program enables all North Thurston School District students to have their own Chromebook to take home and use for the year. However, as with any new implementation, there has been a mixed reaction from both students and staff. Comments closed

ASB Clashes

The Associated Student Body, more commonly referred to as ASB run out at the final pep assembly of the year before the cheering crowds proclaimed “Your ASB Officers!” following their election victory and annual video introduction. After all, they are chosen by students each spring to represent Timberline’s student body for the remainder of the year. However, an issue can arise when it does not seem as though they are representing the students all that well. Comments closed

Loco for Hoco

At the beginning of every year there’s an integral part of Timberline traditions: Homecoming. Homecoming traditionally involves a football game, assembly and a dance; one key part of the dance being homecoming court, which consists of a King and Queen. Comments closed

The Climate Strike

On September 20th, over 4 million people left their jobs, homes, and schools to participate in the Global Climate Strike. The strike happened to demand action be taken to address climate change. In Olympia, more than 2,000 participants gathered on the Washington State Capitol steps for the event. Comments closed

Letter from the Editors

Dear Blazers, Welcome back all staff and students to a new school year. Despite how long each period might have felt, especially after the abrupt change from an assumingly carefree summer, hopefully this first month of school has treated you well. Comments closed