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Author: THS Editor

Battle of the Beverages

The winter season is now in full swing, with temperatures dropping and the gradual emergence of more festive fuzzy socks. But one thing cannot be missing from this Pacific Northwest winter motif, something that is quintessential and crucial—a coffee shop. Coffee shops are the usual go to safe haven from the cold rain showers and a great place to meet up and connect with friends over a nice “cup of jo”. But a brewing question that we at The Blazer wanted to further investigate is whether chain, or local coffee shops are better? To answer this question we went to a nearby Starbucks branch (the multi-billion dollar coffee mogul), and then to Batdorf & Bronson (a local coffeehouse down at the heart of Olympia), to compare the two places. Comments closed

Talent Show: Drag Performance

The talent show presents students with a chance to show their peers something about themselves beyond what is seen throughout the halls each day. This year the crowd went wild when two students, Senior Anthony Penarejo and Sophomore MJ Dixen hit the stage oozing charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent, giving the very first drag performance ever at Timberline. The Blazer sat down with these gentlemen to get details about everything from their pre-performance nerves to the story behind their drag alter egos. Read all about it: Comments closed

GSA Spotlight

A few Wednesdays every year, students are given the opportunity to meet with their clubs.There are a wide variety of clubs available. Some are both popular among the student body and nationally accredited such as National Honor Society, while others are little known and in the process of a revival. One such club is Timberline’s Gay Straight Alliance Club, or, GSA. Comments closed

El(bow) to El(bow)

For the students at Timberline who participate in the performing arts programs offered, the classroom that instruments and materials are stored in is an important space. However, Timberline High School’s construction did not include a room for the orchestra program. Those students involved have had to adjust themselves and their stringed instruments to other rooms. Orchestra teacher and director Chad Hocutt explained, “During the remodel there was no orchestra room built. There was a band room, and there was a choir room. With the intention that the orchestra would share one or the other.” Comments closed

Smart Tags

During advisory on Wednesday, October 10, 2019, Timberline students of all grades were issued Smart Tags. These identification cards are brand new to the North Thurston Public School District this year, and have thus elicited the curiosity of many who do not seem to know their actual purpose. So, whether you use you were simply confused upon receiving your tag, you use it every day, or it has found itself at the mercy of your cluttered bedroom- here to clear things up are Timberline’s Attendance Secretary Denise Kinley and senior Hailey Boulton. Comments closed

Pumpkin Cookies

The air is crisp and chilly. Our yards are scattered with a blanket of red and orange leaves. It’s that time of year again; time to buy anything and everything pumpkin flavored. Many of us have tasted or at the very least heard of the infamous pumpkin spice latte but if you’re looking to spice up your fall diet, these soft pumpkin sugar cookies may be for you. Comments closed

Balancing School and Sleep: A Q&A

The onset of a new school year means many things for the students of Timberline, including meeting new people, catching up with friends, learning new things, and for some people, trying to navigate an incredibly overstuffed schedule. With such busy schedules, students may often overlook getting enough sleep, which can impact how they do in school, sports and jobs. Comments closed