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Virtual Clubs

By Staff Writer Danielle Hunter

The Timberline High School’s clubs were always the gem of the week, allowing students to socialize and interact with small groups who shared their same interests, but with COVID-19 going on around the world, these clubs will be heavily affected. Our school has many clubs to offer, such as National Honor Society (NHS), the Chess Club, Black Student Union (BSU) and many more amazing choices.

Advisors from the Book Club, the Anime and Manga Club, and the Drama club, shared some information of what clubs will look like while maintaining safety protocols. Katie Myrick, staff advisor for the Book Club, explained that clubs will start virtually, and she is hoping to be able to transition to in-person when we all come back to school. The plan for this year is to hopefully participate in the Cavalcade of Authors, and Battle of the Books.  “We usually [start the club off by eating] donuts and visiting for a few minutes, then we go around the table and just briefly discuss the books each of us is reading,” Myrick said. “I or the club president will usually start the conversation with a question or topic and then the conversation just flows from there.”  Anyone can join the Book Club. The book club was initiated in 2003-04 by  a student named Cary Eick. Myrick became an advisor for the club in 2014. Due to many of the club officers being unavailable, the Book Club was on hold last year, but the year before it was very active with around ten or so contributing members. Myrick’s favorite events from the past are collaborating with other clubs to promote books, and attend the Cavalcade of Authors West, a con for fans of young adult literature.

Angel Orr is one of the student club advisors for the Anime and Manga Club. She became interested in Anime when she was 12. This year will be the club’s second year at Timberline, and has a small roster. Joining is definitely encouraged. “Absolutely! Join whenever!” Orr said. This club will have occasional announcements, and they watch anime. “We do Japanese word of the day to promote my Japanese Lessons, which are now online,” Orr said. Orr is looking forward to meeting new members this year, which will most likely be online. In the future, she is wanting to do anime events.

THS Drama Club was initiated shortly after Timberline was first built. Robin Tuckett has been interested in drama since she was in fourth grade, and has been the advisor for this club for five years now. Every year, the drama club has three mainstage productions, a musical, one full length play, and one one-act festival, along with going on several field trips. The drama club usually has from 30 to 75 active members. Members begin with a quick meeting, and then disperse to develop different creative projects. This year, the drama club will begin online, and transition to face-to-face when the time becomes appropriate. Tuckett has not announced this season yet, but she does have some great ideas for the year. “We welcome everyone,” Tuckett said. “It takes a village to put on a production and if people want to be a part of it then join!”

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