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Dance Try Outs

By News Editor Elyanna Calle–YjY1I2KZh51mUqEX4/edit

This year, the Timberline Blazer Dance Team is providing a new way to get involved and get prepared for tryouts. The application (linked above) asks questions such as “Why do you want to be a member of the dance team?” Once completed, the applicant will be in touch with dance coach Colette Hudson. “I have people submitting [dance] videos for feedback, and I am staying in contact with them…I have been letting those who are interested know if they are on the right path to making the team. They [will] have more time and feedback to work on in-person tryout skills.” Zero experience is needed to try out, “I look for those that have potential” said Hudson.

Like any sport, being a member of the dance team is a time commitment. Practice takes place 4-5 times a week along with frequent weekly performances. “Sometimes it’s hard to find a balance. There is definitely a lot of time and effort that goes into being on the team, but it’s worth it” said Pom captain Madison Stoll. “From early mornings before competitions to team bonding late at night, every moment has brought us closer.”

 Dance Lieutenant Kylie Rodgers has also had a positive experience on the team “I have an amazing coach who pushes everyone to do their best and teammates who are there for me no matter what.”

“The team members work and push each other to continually do their best, and they help each other out” said Hudson. “They truly embody what the definition of a team is.” In-person dance tryouts and team selection will take place in the fall.