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Stuck with Siblings

By Staff Writer Coco Quach

Now that everyone in Washington is quarantined, fewer trips are being made, fewer people are going out to the store, but one of the things that seem to have increased is family time, or more specifically, sibling time.

 From my personal experience, I live in a house with three sisters and one brother. At first, it was a strange feeling to wake up every day having them home and not at work, but over the course of this long period, I found that I can’t imagine living without them. There were times when we got into arguments and it made it worse that we had no way of fully ignoring each other, but it turned out all the confrontation made us make up faster. 

Sophomore, Raeghen Hawkins expressed that living with her older sister is actually really fun. “She’s my best friend and we have grown so close during this time,” said Hawkins.  Even though she and her sister Ryleigh maintain a close bond, it’s not always smooth sailing, “Some cons about being in quarantine with her all the time is that there is really no getaway” said Hawkins. 

Although many people are home now, not all are kept from their jobs. Freshman, Danielle Nunez is one of the many people who have a sibling that still works. “It’s typically just my mom and me at home since my dad also works,” said Nunez. Although sibling time has increased for many families, there is also a large number of parents that stay home now as well.

Though it might not be the easiest for some to spend so much time with family, incorporating things such as outside activities or crafts can make the time a lot more enjoyable and fun.