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Overhyped or Worth the Hype? “Whipped Coffee”

By Staff Writer Jasmine Matchawate

I’ll be honest, I’ve always been more of a tea connoisseur, but an occasional cup of coffee here and there is always enjoyable. When my Instagram and TikTok feeds began flooding with this visually pleasing “whipped coffee”, it was my next mission to try this trendy beverage. 

The recipe? It’s simple. All you need is 2 tablespoons each of hot water, sugar, and any instant coffee. But the key to this is the next most important step, mixing. It is recommended to use an electric mixer to blend these ingredients together in order to achieve the perfect cloud-like texture. Once the blend is accomplished, it is topped onto a glass of milk of your choice (along with some ice cubes). 

I was ecstatic when I dug my spoon into the golden-brown mixture and it sat with a fluffy texture on the milk. I could finally see what all the hype was about. As I took the first sip, my initial thought was that the flavor was a bit overbearing for my preference. After stirring it more into the milk, I was pleasantly surprised. 

For the taste, I would say that it is superior to your average homemade coffee. When comparing it to a fancy Starbucks drink or any coffee you would buy from a nice cafe, I would say it still meets the standard. Don’t get me wrong, I still stand by the statement that I’m more of a tea enthusiast, but this coffee was worth my time. Just be sure to properly stir the milk into the mixture after you take the Instagram-worthy photo with the coffee cloud sitting on top (a common mistake for many, including myself). Considering it took only 3 ingredients generally accessible at home, I could see where all the hype was coming from.

As for convenience, I would have to give it a far lower rating. It is not a process I could see myself doing daily, especially when in a rush. Using an electric mixer is a bit more of a hassle than the typical morning coffee routine. I initially even attempted to stir it by hand without the electric mixer, and my arms were sore for the rest of the day to say the least. It had not even reached its full cloud-like form after 10 minutes of stirring it by hand. Though it is not a favorable everyday routine, it is a creative way of spicing up your coffee when you have the free time on your hands.

So for the ultimate question, is it overhyped or worth the hype? My answer would be yes, that it is indeed worth the hype. I hate to admit that I gave into a trend and enjoyed it, but overall it was worth the hype it receives on social media. The “whipped coffee” proved to me that I underestimated its potential. You never know unless you try!