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A New Normal

By Graphics Editor Ahna Rader

School has changed a lot. As soon as COVID-19 entered the Thurston county area all schools, including Timberline were shut down and it’s students sent home for the foreseeable future. Then the canvas notifications, google classroom reminders, Skyward notices started flooding the Timberline student bodies inboxes. The 2020 school year was going to be finished off… online. Online school has some refreshing aspects; for one, no more blaring 6 A.M. alarms. But mostly, online school was a brand new concept for almost all of Timberline. An uncharted territory for most students and staff. The Blazer wanted to see how the student body was faring so we reached out to a few students about their online experience. 

“What percentage of your time in quarantine do you spend on actual academics?”

Lyliea Funk, a freshman, expressed that it’s not easy to stay on track when doing school from home, “I personally have a hard time focusing on academics during quarantine. It’s definitely been something to adjust to.” She estimates spending about 30% of her time on school related activities at home. Sophomore Timberline student, June Hong, estimates she spends about “4 to 5 hours a day” on schoolwork. 

“Do you feel prepared to come back next year?”

Current junior, Meghan Barker thinks returning to school next year might be a bit rocky. “…right now is a lot of independent work and I’m not sure everyone will be on the same page when we come back.” “Yes, I do [feel prepared for next year].” Tyson Kummer, another junior, states confidently. 

“How do you feel about your freshman/sophomore/junior year getting cut off part way through? Do you miss school or do you not mind the break?”

“I missed out on things like prom with my senior friends and getting the feeling of accomplishing my junior year, but there are bigger problems than that.” Barker notes, referring to the spread of COVID-19. Funk shares the feeling of disappointment. “I miss how things weren’t as complicated”, she reminisces.   

“Do you find yourself more or less stressed out in these times in comparison to how you’ve felt while IN school?”It seems like the online transition is completely conditional to each person as a student because each interview I got with a student led to a wide variety of answers to this question. “I’m a lot less stressed.” states Hong. Kummer believes online school has taken a bigger toll on him than being in the classroom did, “I honestly feel a little more stress now than when we were in school.” Funk says that she’s been feeling uneasy following the closure of schools. “[I’m] definitely a lot more stressed out. [on] one [hand, I’m] being stressed about online school, but also [I’m] stressing about others not being safe, causing this corona thing to last longer.” She shares.