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Instagram Trends Review

By Staff Writer Hannah Kudlich

In the midst of quarantine one of the only ways we are able to connect with our peers is through social media, and that burning need for connection teens have has led to an abundance of new trends. Some of these trends are admittedly really sweet and wholesome like tagging people to share their favorite moment from the sport they played, having girls share a picture where they feel beautiful, or sharing your favorite music in a 30 day challenge. They are fun things to do that can not only help you remember the good times while being confined in your house, but also help you keep a social connection with people you can not see at the moment.

One of my favorites being the aforementioned song challenge. Music is an amazing way to form bonds with people, and during times like these, it can help bring comfort. Finding a new favorite song while stuck at home could be the highlight of someone’s day. For some music can be spiritually healing, and the right song could bring that extra bit of enjoyment back into their life.  

On the other hand, there are some not so great trends popping up during this quarantine. For example, posting a list of names as a response to a series of questions. My first reaction when I saw this was that it felt like something a middle schooler would do. My second reaction was to google what the questions were. To probably no one’s surprise the questions are definitely not confined to just the people who are posting them, and are also very easy to find online. However, I am sure most people know that when they post their list. The main problem comes from the questions themselves. They are not all cute questions; I do not think people realize how uncomfortable it is, or even hurtful in some cases, to see your name attached to something like “Someone you miss.” Most of the time it is posted on a spam account, so in theory only a select group of people will see it, but if you know anything about teenagers that is not necessarily the case.