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At Home Prom Tutorial

By A&E Editor Sarah Horlacher

Graphics by Ian Teodoro

In light of news about school being cancelled for the rest of the school year, that unfortunately also means the cancellation of big school events including prom. This news is terribly disappointing for those who looked forward to the event prophesied of by Disney Channel high schoolers for generations. And although it is indeed tragic to miss out on the memories that could have been made this past weekend, on the bright side, it was pretty expensive. So to celebrate saving money, and also not miss out on prom, here’s a step by step tutorial, on how to throw Prom at home!

STEP 1: Treat yourself!

After you have selected the day for your prom, take that morning for some self care! Take a nice hot shower, or if you’re a bath person, toss in those salts and magic potions that make the water look and smell nice. Do a face mask, hair mask, beard mask (I’m almost positive most of you have beards by this point in quarantine). Give yourself a manicure and pedicure. Light any and all candles in your house, and enjoy the morning to relax and pamper yourself.

STEP 2: Create your playlist!

Dig through all those playlists you’ve previously made to find your favorite songs. Search Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and Youtube. If you’re desperate enough, seek inspiration from Instagram, I can almost guarantee, someone you’re following has a 30 day music challenge type thing on their story. Compile all the songs that make you want to dance!

STEP 3: Set up your venue!

Once you’ve chosen the ideal venue, i.e. the cleanest room in your house, it’s time to decorate. Most people have fairy lights on hand, as well as some leftover balloons and streamers. If you don’t have streamers, a good substitute is toilet paper (uh oh… too soon?) or even just torn up material. A disco ball is important, so either staple a whole bunch of clear cups together in a spherical shape and stick more fairy lights inside it. Or put this video of an ongoing disco ball on a large screen.  Set up a dj system, complete with bowls and old CDs, with your phone in a cup to amplify your sound. If you want a photobooth, find the blanket in your house that best fits with your Instagram page theme, hang it up either on the wall or just drape it behind a chair. You might need more, you guessed it, fairy lights. Another photobooth backdrop idea is to crinkle up aluminum foil and tape it to the wall behind you. In portrait mode, it will look like a sequiny, sparkly background.

STEP 4: Dress up!

This step is fairly self explanatory, get ready! Put on your fanciest outfit, do your hair, do your makeup, clean yourself up! But we all know the most important aspect of this step is taking plenty of selfies.

STEP 5: (optional) Have a fancy dinner!

With whatever ramen noodles, canned vegetables and cereal you’re stocked up on, serve yourself a sophisticated and lovely meal. Usually on Food Network, there’s some small green leaf on top of the best dishes, so I suggest adding one. Or if you’re thinking more along the lines of just party food, pretty much anything that is laid out and served on a circular platter looks more professional.

STEP 6: Dance party!

This is where all your hard work has paid off and you actually dance! If you’re short on inspiration for dance moves, it might be time to pull out your old Wii and Just Dance game. Party it up with everyone else in your house! 

In all seriousness, The Blazer truly empathizes with the pain of losing out on what would have been treasured high school memories. Keep an eye out for information from leadership regarding a potential remote quarantine Prom Court!