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Semi-Finals for Robotics

By Staff Writer McKenzie Leonard

Graphics by Micky Flores-Nieves

On Sunday, January 12, the Timberline Robotics team made history by making it to the semi-finals for the first time in four years. Timberline Robotics began in the academic year 2015-2016 and since then, has never made it to the semi-finals of the First Tech Challenge until this year.

Several participating members and the current advisor of the Timberline Robotics team were asked to see what they thought about this achievement. Freshman Alaysha Dyson, a newcomer to the team said, “It was really fun. It was an experience for me, so it was very different than anything ever. It felt like I had a family there” she says “It was absolutely insane. I was hoping we were going to make it, but after a while, I was just kind of like ‘We’re not going to make it’. Then when we did I was like ‘No way’”. 

This was an astounding accomplishment for the Timberline Robotics team. Jeremy Gregory, a senior at Timberline and one of the lead mechanics in the club said, “Considering we’ve made it further than Timberline teams have ever gone in the past , I’d say [we did] pretty good” When asked about the state of the team, team advisor, Jeremiah Tuckett said,“The closeness I saw of the kids in this club, that would probably never be friends outside the club, and here they are in the club, they’re all hanging out together, they’re all friends, and they’re all supporting each other, that made me the most proud.” Tuckett has been advising this student-run club for its entirety thus far, and is excited to see what the future holds for this club, “I think the underclassmen, that their experience and the excitement they got by working with the upperclassmen are going to keep the club going, and I would not be surprised to see two teams next year.”