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50th Anniversary Event

By Staff Writers Lauryn Daniels and Fedora Izuagabe

Timberline High School opened its doors to hundreds of students and staff members in 1970. It has been fifty years since its opening. Over the course of those fifty years, many memories have been made by the thousands of students who’ve attended Timberline. 

After high school, there’s so many options and things you can do with your life. Many Timberline alumni have taken a variety of paths after high school. Whether it’s attending college, joining the United States Armed Forces, going into the entertainment industry, going professional in sports, or whatever else they become successful in, the alumni of Timberline have shown some form of success. 

Since it’s the 50th year of Timberline High School, it has been decided to honor the alumni by holding an event for them. There’s a lot planned for this event according to principal Paul Dean. “The alumni will have the chance to tour the new building, attend an assembly in the gym, and go to an off site event for dinner.” There will be fifty notable Timberline alumni that will be honored at this event. There was a process when it came to choosing the fifty notable alumni. “There was a committee made up of current and former teachers who have chosen the notable alumni. We picked people who have done something “notable” after high school, whether it’s business success, success in the entertainment industry, sports, or anything involving the community.”

 Dean claims that it’s not the “fifty richest Blazers”, he wanted it to be spread out to a lot of things. Dean has shown excitement towards the event. “There’s a lot of people I do and don’t know. But I feel like I’ve gotten to know about them through all the discussion that has been made, so I’m excited, it should be a neat deal.” The Timberline High School 50th Celebration is open to the public on Saturday, May 16th, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m..

“Timberline was monumental is watering my musical seeds,” said one of the fifty Notable Blazers, alumni Jasmine Jordan. “Mr. Shaw and Ms. Amburgy really encouraged me along the way and pushed me to believe in myself and my gift. That part of my journey definitely helped propel me into my now solo music career.” 

Graduating with the Class of 2008, Jordan went from a member of the chamber choir and playing Fantine in Timberline’s Les Miserables production to joining a jazz-soul band by the name of Sugar water Purple her freshman year of college. With the support of her community and university, she was able to end her senior year of college opening for grammy nominated artist India.Arie. This confirmed her internal desires of pursuing a solo career. “I moved to LA after graduating college not knowing anyone. Eventually my then manager, David Creel, also moved to LA and we started working,” said Jordan. “I released my first single at the end of 2014, then my first E.P. Time Travel, in 2015. I’ve since then opened up for Grammy nominated RnB singer Joe, gone on a couple smaller west coast tours and released another EP and singles. Now, I’m finishing my first full project since 2016 that’s due to be finished by this summer.” 

Currently, Jordan works as a Director of Business Development overseeing Beauty and Cosmetics for the marketing agency Americhip in Los Angeles County, California, in tandem with her musical endeavors. Though she is now approximately 1,079 miles from home, Jordan began to cultivate her passion for music and build long lasting memories right here in Lacey, Washington. “Enjoy the ride the best way possible, be kind to your classmates and peers because you never ever know what someone could be going through,” said Jordan, as a word of advice for Blazers walking the halls she once did. “Just enjoy being young! Don’t rush the process. Time will fly by, trust me! This is a very special and short season of your life. So treasure the moment to moment experiences.”