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A Gift for Valentine’s Day

By Staff Writer Ethan Barber

Graphics by Ryan Macumber

It is about that time of year where love is in the air. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, stores all around are beginning to fill to the brim with colorful pinks, reds, and purples. From candy hearts to flowers, the plate is full when it comes to gift choices. But are some better than others?

Junior Xandria DuPrey is partial to chocolate. “Chocolates are my favorite, and teddy bears. Sometimes they come with these cute little notes that say something to brighten your day.”

DuPrey also discussed certain items she believed would not work as well for a Valentine’s Day gift. “One thing is household products, for sure. If there’s something that you can find that’s not on sale on Valentine’s Day, then they’re not a gift for Valentine’s Day.”

For those items that are on sale, the problem still happens to be the cost.  “Honestly, I think [Valentine’s Day] is a scam for money. It’s a commercialized holiday,” said DuPrey. A quick google search yields some pricey results, but it’s still possible to select the affordable choices.

“[I’m willing to spend] $5 to $20,” said DuPrey. “I guess it depends on how long I’ve been with the person, and how much money I have.” Fortunately, the top three most common Valentine’s Day gifts according to– candy, cards, and flowers– can all be found within that price range.
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