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MLK Day On

By Staff Writer Coco Quach and Mackenzie Phan

Graphics by Chloe Vaughn

On January 19th, Students gathered together on campus to celebrate and recognize Martin Luther King’s dream. The MLK Day On service project consisted of picking up trash around campus, creating positive posters, and making chalk art outside. The purpose behind the project was to commemorate and honor Dr. King’s message of serving and giving back to your own community. So rather than getting to sleep in and have a Monday off, students came to school with the simple goal of beautifying Timberline. 

Senior Jada Daniels is the president of the Black Student Union (BSU) and spearheaded the planning process of the MLK Day On project. The idea first came about when Daniels went to a leadership conference back in October from a workshop. At the workshop she heard that some other high schools don’t even have a MLK assembly, which then made her motivated to start the project to honor Dr. King’s legacy. “MLK day is something worth celebrating and worth doing something important for. So  really what set the fire in me is that we want to do it” said Daniels. However just having an idea won’t make the project a reality, so there was a copious amount of work that had to happen behind the scenes in order to jumpstart the project. “[first off we needed a] date, time and money… and it turned out that it was even better that this day was a school day off… kids didn’t have to miss class” said Daniels. Instead of lounging around on a Monday afternoon, roughly one hundred students showed up at Timberline.  

English teacher and BSU adviser Alliniece Andino was the adult counterpart of Daniels in the planning process of MLK Day On. When she first heard of Daniels idea of putting together this service project she was thrilled. “I thought it was a great idea and really truly in the spirit of what Doctor King embodied” said Andino. After many years of us taking the time to remember Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech, Andino thought this project was a way of walking in his shoes and realizing what we can do as a whole to improve our community. The planning had been a matter of many check ins with teachers and staff to put this project together. “ We had to make sure we had all the paperwork, coming up with a budget, and asking for funding from ASB.” 

The MLK Day On service project had a tremendous outcome and many students found it as a way of connecting with the school community. “I was really excited and glad to see students doing something positive on their day off, I hope we do this again and there is enough energy behind it that the underclassmen take it upon themselves”  said Andino. This day brought together people of many different backgrounds all to collaborate on one meaningful project.