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El(bow) to El(bow)

By Editor Sarah Horlacher and Staff Writer McKenzie Leonard

Graphics by Mackenzie Phan

For the students at Timberline who participate in the performing arts programs offered, the classroom that instruments and materials are stored in is an important space. However, Timberline High School’s construction did not include a room for the orchestra program. Those students involved have had to adjust themselves and their stringed instruments to other rooms. Orchestra teacher and director Chad Hocutt explained, “During the remodel there was no orchestra room built. There was a band room, and there was a choir room. With the intention that the orchestra would share one or the other.”

 For the past few years, the orchestra has shared the room designed for the band. However this year, they have switched to the choir room and use the space before the choir classes begin. Having to share with other classes would naturally present some disadvantages to the participants. 

One of the difficulties that is attached to the orchestra sharing a room with the choir is the time that it takes to prepare and clean up. Senior Jordan Takli, who is a violinist of seven years playing in Timberline’s gold orchestra, said, “We have to set up every morning, and then green orchestra has to put all the chairs away so that the choir kids don’t know that we’re there.”

In addition to the class time that the set up and clean up processes take, there are some different challenges in the room. The choir room is set up with multiple different levels, where the orchestra classes lineup chairs and music stands. However instrument transportation can pose an issue. Sophomore cellist Sadie Purescher commented that, “It’s harder for us to move around. There’s more space in [the choir] room than the band room which is really nice, but it’s kind of unsafe, as it’s on different levels. It’s kind of unsafe when we have to carry instruments down the steps, like a cello or a double bass, which is harder. There’s also the chairs and stuff that we all have to put away which can also cause a problem.”

There is currently no prospects for a solution to the lack of an orchestra room. For the time being, the orchestra, band and choir students hope to maintain respect for each other’s materials and share the space available.