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Limited Bathroom Passes

By Staff Writer Grace Dawes

Graphics by Ryan Macumber

Many teachers at Timberline give limited bathroom passes. Whether they have their students fill out their own pass and approve it with a signature, or they keep track of it themselves, there is a limit per semester or quarter. Most of the teachers have the same general reason. Spanish teacher, Maria Reyburn, said, “There are certain kids that may just want to take advantage and be gone out of your classroom a lot and this cuts down on that.” Reyburn teaches freshmen through seniors and gives out four passes per semester to all of her students, although she told, “I say to them, if you come to me before the bell, come and make eye contact with me in my classroom and say, in Spanish, ‘May I go to the bathroom?’, (puedo ir al baño) that I will let you go and I won’t mark you tardy and that way you took care of yourself at the beginning of class.” Reyburn said that her first priority is that her students are comfortable in her classroom. 

Physics and astronomy teacher, Zandrea Edenstrom,who gives five to her underclassmen, and ten to her upperclassmen, said “When Mr. Lehnis was still the principal, he kinda was like, ‘We’d like you to only give two per semester’, and I think that was partly because it was becoming pretty chaotic.” She started giving limited passes because of the rule, and then changed it to what she felt was a reasonable amount of passes per semester. “I kinda felt two wasn’t enough for a semester because you know people had to use the restroom more than that.” Edenstrom has her students fill out a notecard with the date, time, their destination, and then she signs it and they take it with them as their hall pass. 

The issue of limited bathroom passes is debated between students and teachers. There are some students who feel that limited bathroom passes are not a good thing. Freshman, James Dawes, said “I wouldn’t ever argue with my teacher about it during class, but I don’t think that teachers should be able to limit how many times we can go to the bathroom.” Dawes is used to the limited bathroom passes because he also had teachers give him limited passes in middle school. “I think they’re just worried that people will be hanging out in the bathrooms.” Dawes said.