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Passing Time Pressure

By Staff Writer Camille Pierce

Graphics by Ryan Macumber and Daushenae Hintion

With a mere five minute passing period, traversing the hallways can be a daunting task.Whether it is the fear of being late or a hallway traffic jam, many students believe their trips to class could be made easier. With a student population over a thousand, not every student has time to comfortably chat with friends, visit lockers or use the bathroom in the passing periods. “I don’t have enough time to use the restroom between passing periods.” says Timberline junior, Haley McCarthy. “Our school is so large I have to walk to class”. Although five minutes may seem like a long time, fellow students can substantially increase the time it takes to travel from class to class. In a study conducted by our Blazer News Staff, walking from the gym to Lower B Hall takes approximately 40 seconds more when the hallways are busy versus when they’re clear. By following respectful hallway etiquette, maneuvering the hallways can be made easier for everyone.