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Student Opinion on the Chromebooks

Written by McKenzie Leonard and Grace Dawes

Graphics by Jasmine Machawate

Schools have been evolving over time with new ideals, and as technology advances, schools adapt to these new inventions. Recently, the North Thurston School District has adopted a new program called 1:1 Chromebook, this program enables all North Thurston School District students to have their own Chromebook to take home and use for the year. However, as with any new implementation, there has been a mixed reaction from both students and staff.

To know what some of the student body thinks of the new Chromebook program, just listen to the moans and groans when a teacher requests that they take out their Chromebooks to use in class. Junior Natalie Nguyen shares her opinion on the new initiative, “I don’t really need it, and it’s a huge inconvenience.” 

Many students are expressing concerns about the underlying responsibilities of owning their own chromebook, such as bringing it to school and keeping track of it. Junior Kai Radford gives her honest thoughts about owning a chromebook, “It adds more weight to my bag and responsibilities I don’t need,” said Radford.“I end up stressing [about] if I remembered to charge my chromebook the night before.”

Students are not the only ones having second thoughts about this program; the teachers are as well. Plenty of teachers and staff have their own opinions on the matter, but most might not be as positive as you think. “I’ve had ten teachers and staff in total have concerns about the idea of personal chromebooks,” said Radford. “Not just my own teachers, but also other teachers and staff I’ve talked to.” 

The new program has been met with largely mixed reactions. While there are a select few students and staff that support the concept and execution of the new chromebook program, there also seems to be a side that does not necessarily like the new 1:1 program.