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ASB Clashes

By Staff Writer Jada Daniels

Graphics by Micky Flores-Nieves and Nick Fore

The Associated Student Body, more commonly referred to as ASB, run out at the final pep assembly of the year before the cheering crowds proclaimed “Your ASB Officers!” following their election victory and annual video introduction. After all, they are chosen by students each spring to represent Timberline’s student body for the remainder of the year. However, an issue can arise when it does not seem as though they are representing the students all that well. 

As the football season has begun, so has the yearly debate over the game themes. This became apparent as the first football game on Friday, September 6 was said to be a Green and Gold theme by ASB. However, some of the student body favored a White Out, voicing their opinions through a social media call to action, suggesting everyone wear white instead.

This is just one example that brings to our attention an ongoing history of clashes between ASB and the student body. Timberline’s Activities Coordinator and ASB advisor Beth Belisle said that “this has happened so frequently that it’s almost to a point to where it’s always [an] us versus them.” Whether it is regarding football games, spirit days, or even dance themes- there is a delicate balance to keep between what the students want and what leadership does.

That said, there are other considerable aspects to this system of giving and taking. One is the efforts of leaders who have been chosen based on the idea that the overarching goal is working with their peers, not against. “We’re always going to try our best to handle the situation,” said ASB President An Ho.“They can even personally talk to me as a friend or another student”. Although conflicts may occur in the future, both the Student Body and ASB Officers can take comfort in the relationship and ability to compromise, communicate and collaborate towards a common goal. Even if that means White Out is saved for the next game.