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The Climate Strike

By Staff Writer Fedora Izuagbe

Graphics by Max Campbell

On September 20th, over 4 million people left their jobs, homes, and schools to participate in the Global Climate Strike. The strike happened to demand action be taken to address climate change. In Olympia, more than 2,000 participants gathered on the Washington State Capitol steps for the event. 

Senior Elyanna Calle organized the Olympia Climate Strike. She was inspired by rallies led by Swedish high school student Greta Thunberg. Calle is a political activist who has previously participated in strikes, and now took the opportunity to arrange one herself. “It’s the next step because you can go from caring about an issue to acting on the issue,” said Calle. She obtained permits, worked with Olympia High School Climate activists and local companies, sending emails and making calls to bring the event to the Olympia area. “It’s not fun work,” said Calle. “[But] it is all worth it. Because the reason I’m doing it is to make change.”

Of the 2,000 people at the Olympia event, junior Hannah Moore was there to perform as well as participate. Moore played a number of her own songs. “I write a ton,” said Moore. “[It] is the most effective outlet for me to express the emotions I am feeling.” After attending this event Moore believes that something needs to be done about climate change. “It is the air we’re breathing, the waters we swim in, and the ground we walk on that are deteriorating so quickly,” said Moore. “It’s our future and we need to act fast.”
Many other Timberline students attended the strike, such as seniors Carson Price and Danielle Owens. “I came here because I think it’s important to step up for our whole life,” said Price. “This is our home and we need to treat it like our home.” Owens had similar thoughts about the event. “The way we treat our planet is just irresponsible, and I feel like a strike brings attention to this gravely important issue.”

YouTube Climate Strike Video by Ian Teodoro and Ethan Acevedo