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Letter from the Editors

Dear Blazers,

Welcome back all staff and students to a new school year. Despite how long each period might have felt, especially after the abrupt change from an assumingly carefree summer, hopefully this first month of school has treated you well.

While students evolve past temporary summer habits, theBlazer staff also plans to evolve, revamping all aspects of our coverage while simultaneously solidifying our core values. 

The 2019-2020 school year will be our third year taking on a full color newsmagazine, and rather than learning how to function with a new product, we are now solidifying all aspects of our work that we believe distinguishes us as a publication . This year, theBlazer plans to polish, perfect and to exceed past years’ expectations. Students can expect to see five full-color newsmagazines. However, because this academic year marks Timberline’s 50th anniversary, students can expect our fourth issue (published in March/April), to include a Special Edition tribute to this anniversary. Due to the addition of this special edition, theBlazer will be publishing a longer third issue, containing 48 pages as opposed to the original 32.  

As far as our online presence, a change in website design is only the start of what we envision the future of our online media to represent.  Anticipate updates to our website as we ease into the school year, with posts every Tuesday and Thursday, and an added Wednesday posts with the start of the second quarter.  Along with this, hopefully some of you have noticed a change in pace on our social media presence- this is to the credit of our newly implemented social media team. 

As we proceed into this new year, theBlazer staff plans on staying true to the fundamental aspects of this publication which have been implemented in years past. We plan to serve the Timberline community by providing it with quality, accurate, fair and truthful news and content for students and staff alike to enjoy. 

We would like to personally thank theBlazer staff and all of our readers for their dedication to our work. Moving further into the year, we are optimistic our perception for the future of theBlazer transpires to more than words in this letter and instead is something you will witness for yourself. 

With appreciation, 

Clara Hall and Ian Teodoro

Editors in Chief